I think it's about fuckin' time I put another personal page up. Right.
Okay, as you came here (probably by clicking a link), an ad banner window should also have come up. No, I don't like it either, neither does anybody going to this site (or any other site for that matter). Sites put sappy shit up about "please support this site by clicking on the ad banners" but really, who actually does click on those banners? (Unless you see something you like, not likely).
I might stick some java code into my pages to automatically close those windows for you, but until then here's a neat little trick I found to get them from crowding your computer. DON'T close the ad window (if you do, and then later click on a link to another page within this site (or any tripod site), it'll just pop up again). Instead, just minimize it and forget about it. See, if a tripod ad window is already up when you go to another tripod page, it will just refresh the data in the already existing window, and more to the point, it won't pop up another one. And, if it's minimized, it'll STAY minimized. So, just minimize it- don't close it- and it's all good. When you leave the site, then go ahead and close it.
I don't gain *any* money from those banners, no matter how many times people click on them, and I have to have 'em activated in order for tripod to "host" my site (I have to pay, I think it was $22, to get rid of 'em, and I'm a cheap little bastard and won't pay) for free. All in the name of MONEY. It's fucking CAPITALISM, man. God bless america!
Well. Rants like that are what you can expect here, and if you take the time to sort through it all, you might find some neat stuff like ROM hacks or Quake II skins. And if you- god forbid- actually read the stuff I write, you might gain some insight on just what kind of shit I think about in my free time, and maybe learn a thing or two in the process.
That said, click here to go to the page index.
Here's some technical info that you probably won't need to bother with, but might want to skim through anyway "just in case":
The site is not very graphics-intensive, although pages such as the ROM hacks pages and the Quake II skin page use screenshots a lot, so I'd recommend setting the screen to 16-bit color, at least. Shit, if you're still running 8-bit color (256 colors), you need to upgrade from that Apple IIe, dude.
Screen resolution is not important here. I designed it on the computer in my room, which I have the monitor set to 640x480 (and 32-bit color, hey, it works). Super-high resolutions won't make the page exactly as intended, but it doesn't really matter.
And use Internet Explorer 5.0. I designed it using that browser and for that browser. Netscape is only good for when IE decides it wants to be a nazi and not work. And if you're running a Mac, then, well, sorry. I heard Macs are better than IBM machines, but all the shit nowadays is for Windows. Fuckin' A man. Kinda like Beta vs. VHS... Beta was better (so I hear) but VHS was more popular. Huh. Oh well.
All pages and content 2000 Zero Soul. Nothing within these pages- except downloadable stuff such as ROM hacks- may be copied or whatever, yadda yadda yadda. Shit, what are you reading this for anyway? I only put it here to make the page look more "official". After all, the world revolves around looks, don't it? The only place where looks mean only "looks" are in my little private fantasy world. In the real world, looks are everything- and the only people who will tell you different are the ones who fucking rely on their looks (and are convinced that they don't). What a wonderful world I have to look forward to growing up in!