This is where you want to be if my site is not where you want to be (assuming you didn't come here first thing). You know the drill- click on a link, and you're magically transported there. Woowoo. Remember to close that minimized ad window when you leave, unless you're heading to another tripod member site.
Challenge Games - A pretty slick ROM hack site, with a big collection of hacks and links to utils. I just happen to be a staff member there, whoop de fuckin' doo, right?

Zophar's Domain - Heinous site for all things emulation-related. Provides all you'll need except for the ROMs themselves (and acquiring those ROMs is not that tough, just do a search engine thing).

Alta Vista - This is the search engine I usually use. Don't know why, I just do.

Tripod - This is the site that all those ad banners keep coming from. I'm thinking of moving over to Geocities, ever since I *heard* of a simple HTML technique to keep those fuckin' annoying corner-windows from popping up.

GeoCities - Another homepage site. Here's the HTML code I found that's supposed to prevent the banners from popping up. Thanks to aclml for providing it:
<textarea style="display:none">
In the page where he mentions it, he says to look at the bottom two lines in the HTML source of the page. Those two lines were what were there; he just stuck it on the end of the code, right after the </html> thing. I haven't tried it yet (hell, as I type this I've only recently heard of it), but if it works I think I will pack my bags and move on over. Yeah, Geocities is Yahoo's little girl now. Not the first homepage site to be a bunch of corporate jackasses. And not the first decent site to become some powerful company's bitch (like WBS... rest in peace). Hey, if I can get around the ad banners quick and dirty, and it provides a decent amount of upload space (15MB is more than I'll ever need- the entire site here- images and all- is 100K, tops), then it's a place I wouldn't mind having my page set up at. And if they support FTP-ing (for uploading shit), I'll definetely move there (found a slick little FTP program in the CG (Challenge Games) utils page, makes FTPing a lot quicker. It's called LeechFTP. Half of it (such as pop-up dialogue boxes) is in german, but enough is in english that you can use it).

BigBob - This is where I spend my internet chat time.