Here is a collection of images that I've either found on the net, made myself, or drawn myself. A lot of these come from other peoples' sites- I don't keep track of which pics come from which sites, although if there's a name or something on it, I left it on. If you find one of your pics here and it isn't properly credited, e-mail me a link to a page where I can find proof of whoever did it, and I will add the proper credits either in the image itself or on this page. Links with a red star (*) next to them, I don't know who did them and are willing to give credit to whoever did them.
In no particular order:
ff9floating.jpg Floating Island from a "false" Final Fantasy IX. This one reminds me of FF1
chibi_garnet.gif * Animated picture of Garnet from Final Fantasy IX
amano_seifer.jpg Yoshitaka Amano artwork of Seifer Almasy (hell yeah) of Final Fantasy VIII
disciplinary.gif * Fanart of the Balamb Garden disciplinary committee (Raijin, Seifer & Fuujin) from FF8
cid_smokes.jpg * "Because real men don't have time to care about the taste"
cloud_drag.gif * Small picture of Cloud (from FF7) dressed like a girl
cloud_drag.jpg * Larger drawing of Cloud dressed like a girl
materiagirl.jpg FF7's Yuffie ("Materia Girl"), in her underwear (heh)
rufus.jpg * Very cool fanart of Rufus Shinra from FF7
sityourassdown.jpg * "...and drink your goddamn TEA!!!"
yuffie_drawing.jpg Very good fanart of Yuffie from FF7
ff1_cast.jpg The cast of characters from the first Final Fantasy
tokemon.gif Legalize it!
legalize.gif * A cool DOOM animated picture for a "legalize marijuana" mod.
quake1_spinlogo.gif Cool animated picture of the Quake logo
krymiha.jpg A drawing I did for this game I'm making, of "Krymiha" (pronounced krih-ME-uh)
saelan.jpg A drawing I did of another character in that game I'm making, of Saelan (pronounced SAY-lahn)
saelan_stand.jpg A full-figure drawing of Saelan
fireback.gif A cool wallpaper image I made (640x480).