Okay, you must be interested in finding about about me personally, seeing as you clicked on that link in the index page. So, finish checking out those little "warning" pics to the sides of the page here, then read on:
Now, about *me*: I'm 17 (as of 7-23-00), white, male, 5'9 (or so), dunno how much I weigh now (been around a year since I checked, I reckon I'm anywhere from 180-210 now), I'm straight, and single. I have long brown, sorta rock-starish hair, and pale blue eyes. My hobbies include sleeping (a lot), chatting on the internet (not as much anymore), hacking ROMs, generally screwing around on computers, and carefully monitoring my e-mail and the CG message boards in hopes that somebody actually sends me an e-mail or replies to one of my message board posts. Basically, I'm just wasting my life away, nobody gives a damn about me. Except in the chat rooms, there I can distinguish myself by my intelligence (IQ is 160, last I checked)- which is no easy task in a teen chat room!
My self-esteem isn't as low as you might think. Seeing as I've pretty much just accepted the fact I ain't worth a whole lot, I can just shrug and be cool about it, you know?
And more shit about this site:
ABOUT ME / ABOUT THE PAGE: Yeah, um, I think this is it, right here.
RELIGION: I just go off about why I'm atheist. I mean, watch a news show or read a newspaper. Does this look like GOD's world to you?
POLITICS: Just stuff about politics.
ADAM VS. EVE: Stuff about the so-called "battle of the sexes", and generally stuff that involves gender-specific... stuff.
FINAL FANTASY: Goes on about what I think of where the Final Fantasy series is heading, and why I think FF8 is a fuckin' whore.
MISCELLANEOUS: Yeah, I just took all the shit I didn't want to create a whole new section for, and stuck it all in here.
LINKS: Kinda self-explanatory, you know what to do with it.
ROM HACKING: Info on ROM hacking projects I'm doing/have done/will do/might do.
QUAKE II SKINS: Some Quake II "skins" I made. Skins are neat little picture files, which are used to create the texture maps on Quake II players.
JAVA STUFF: Some heinous HTML and java tricks and programs you can use to jazz up web pages. The little countdown thing at the bottom of this page is an example; also included are simple tricks such as making an image change whenever you move the mouse over it (or when you move the mouse off of it, or click or double-click or right-click on it, and so on- useful for setting up picture links).
EMULATION AND ROM UTILITIES/LINKS: Some programs (and links to programs or program sites) that will be of use if you ever decide to become some haxor dude and hack ROMs. Also provides a crash course in the hexadecimal number system. Trust me, if you're gonna do anything beyond basic graphics hacking, you're gonna need to know hex.
CONTACT ME: Again, it's self-explanatory. If you have suggestions/comments/praise/gripes/whatever, hell, even if you just visited this page, e-mail me (or post something in the CG "hacks" message board, put "zero soul" in the title somewhere or I'll never see it, right?).